Fort Scott 5.56 NATO SCS® TUI™ – 62Gr Rifle Ammo 20 round box

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Fort Scott Munitions™ 62 grain 5.56 TUI™ rifle ammo is a match grade, solid copper bullet that is specifically designed to Tumble Upon Impact™ to provide critical lethal effects in every situation. Though this round is designed to be primarily used as precision ammo for hunting rifles, TUI™ bullets are also highly capable and reliable for use in law enforcement and self-defense.

Accurate and Ethical
Speed and accuracy kills when it comes to predator hunting, and Fort Scott Munitions™ 62 gr SCS® 5.56 TUI™ delivers both with authority. Our precision machined solid brass projectiles are pushed to velocities of up to 3200 fps, and are loaded with the utmost care to give you some of the tightest tolerances in the industry when it comes to factory loads. Coupled with our multi-patented Tumble Upon Impact™ technology, you get one of the most lethal match grade predator hunting and self defense rounds on the market.

Fort Scott Munitions™ Tumble Upon Impact™ technology delivers devastating terminal ballistics. Once the projectile comes into contact with soft tissue it will begin to tumble, causing massive amounts of damage due to hydro-static shock. The high degree of energy transfer is enough to tear vital organs and disrupt major bodily functions, while also mitigating the risks of over-penetration. 

Ammo for Offense and Defense
When the moment of truth comes and lives are on the line, you shouldn’t have to worry about your ammunition compromising your skills. That’s why Fort Scott Munitions™ 5.56 NATO SCS® TUI™ is a great option, whether you’re in the line of duty or protecting your family at night. Whether it’s for offensive or defensive use, Fort Scott Munitions™ 5.56 NATO SCS® TUI™ is a bad guy’s worst nightmare. 

WARNING Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.

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